Dr Jan De Vos – A Specialist in General Orthopaedics

Jul 5, 2023 | Articles, Blog

Dr Jan De Vos is a trusted medical professional and passionate surgeon in his field of General Orthopaedics. This is the branch of the medical discipline that covers a wide scope of procedures related to musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Dr De Vos offers his patients top-quality care.

General Orthopaedics Covers an Array of Conditions

Conditions covered under the umbrella of General Orthopaedics include genetic deformities, strains, sprains, arthritis, tendonitis, fractures, sports injuries and several other conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. Injuries to the musculoskeletal system can be completely debilitating should the correct treatment not be administered. Sometimes non-surgical treatment works, but in many instances, surgery is the only option to rectify the issue. Likewise, should you choose a surgeon who is not reputable and well experienced in general orthopaedics, the problem could persist life-long. A procedure called an arthroscopy is usually the first step to determining the nature of the medical problem.

What Does an Arthroscopy Entail?

  1. During a shoulder, knee or hip arthroscopy – commonly known as ‘keyhole surgery’ – a tiny telescope is used to examine the inside of the joint to determine the severity and cause of the problem.
  2. The telescope is inserted into the skin via small incisions. The patient is usually administered a general anaesthetic but occasionally a nerve block will be used by the surgeon.
  3. Once the issue is determined, the doctor can make an informed decision about whether non-surgical treatment is possible or feasible in the long term or if a surgical repair can be carried out. As a last resort, the doctor will recommend a full replacement of the joint.
  4. An arthroscopy takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

After the procedure has been carried out successfully, the patient is usually able to go home the very same day. The physiotherapist on duty might assign the patient specific exercises to do that will increase their recovery after the operation but there should be no lasting effects or complications after an arthroscopy.

The below-mentioned most common General Orthopaedic procedures rely on the technical expertise of an experienced and detail-orientated surgeon, such as Dr Jan De Vos:


Surgery as the Next Step

If during the arthroscopy, Dr De Vos discovers that surgery is the only route possible, then after the procedure, he will discuss the surgery with the patient and schedule the procedure within the relevant time frames (only once the patient has recovered completely from the keyhole surgery).

It remains that any surgery is invasive, which is why you have to choose your surgeon with the utmost care and caution. Do your homework, find out more about your surgeon and then make an informed decision about your preferred medical professional.

Quality Care in Expert Hands

Dr De Vos is a highly esteemed general orthopaedic surgeon and the team at his consulting rooms has earned a reputation for providing state-of-the-art treatments in general orthopaedics to relieve hip, knee, and shoulder pain. As a result, this renowned practice attracts patients from within South Africa and abroad. Dr Jan De Vos remains abreast of the latest translational and clinical research. Should you experience hip, knee or shoulder pain, don’t delay any longer, book an appointment online or contact us as soon as possible.