Consult with One of the Top Bone Surgeons in Pretoria

Jul 5, 2023 | Articles, Blog

Dr Jan De Vos is well known in the medical field as one of the top bone surgeons in Pretoria, Gauteng. His practice is situated at the Wilgers Consulting Rooms in Lynnwood Ridge. With a list of advanced qualifications and an excellent reputation, patients can rely on receiving excellent quality care.


Bone Surgeons are Highly Specialised

Bone surgeons are highly specialised. After qualifying as medical doctors, it involves many more years of post-graduate study in the field of Orthopaedics before doctors can earn this specialist title. Dr Jan De Vos first qualified with an MBChB degree in 1980 and continued his studies over the course of his professional career. In 1991, he obtained his MMed Degree. He works closely with his qualified team to provide thorough care to his patients, from diagnosis through treatment, surgery and post-treatment or post-operative care.


Non-Surgical Treatment versus Bone Surgery

While bone surgeons (or orthopaedic surgeons as they are also known), primarily focus on surgical interventions, they also explore non-surgical treatment options and work together with patients to determine the most suitable approach to treat their condition. Non-surgical treatment will always be explored prior to recommending surgery. The most common non-surgical treatments available are:

  • Physical Therapy

Some examples of conditions where physical therapy might be prescribed include sprains, strains, scoliosis, fractures, arthritis, and back and neck pain.

  • Orthotics and Assistive Devices

These are tools and supports intended to enhance the functional capabilities and mobility of patients with disabilities or injuries. They aim to assist with physical limitations, improve stability, provide pain relief, and aid independence.

  • Immobilisation

Treatment for immobilisation uses casts, splints, slings, and leg immobilisers so that the injury does not worsen.

  • Medication

In some cases, medication can be prescribed by your bone surgeon to treat the injury.

  • Rehabilitation

Specific exercises are prescribed to target the affected area and surrounding muscles, joints, and tissues. These may include a range of motion and strengthening exercises, stretching, balance training, and functional movements tailored to the individual’s condition and goals.

This type of treatment uses the patient’s own biological tissues, such as blood, fat or bone marrow, to treat orthopaedic conditions.


When Surgery is the Only Option

When surgery is the only option available as recommended by your doctor, make sure to find the most suitable type of surgeon. Bone surgeons also specialise in treating particular areas of the body:

  1. Foot and ankle surgeon
  2. Paediatric orthopaedic surgeon
  3. General orthopaedic surgeon
  4. Spine surgeon
  5. Hand and upper extremity surgeon
  6. Sports medicine surgeon
  7. Orthopaedic trauma surgeon


Dr De Vos Performs Hip, Knee and Shoulder Surgery

The types of surgeries that Dr De Vos specialises in are hip, knee and shoulder arthroscopies and replacements. Find an abundance of in-depth information about these treatments and surgical procedures by clicking here.

Should you need a professional and honest diagnosis from a renowned bone surgeon, then contact us or schedule an online appointment with Dr De Vos.