More about Pretoria Hip and Knee Specialists

Feb 23, 2018 | Articles

Need to Learn More About Pretoria Hip and Knee Specialists?

 If you have recently been referred by your own doctor to the hip and knee specialists at the Life Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria, then it is more than likely that you will wish to learn a little more about the people who may become responsible for your treatment. Possibly the first thing you need to know, and one that should serve to overcome any concerns you may have regarding your forthcoming experience, is that in addition to enjoying local acclaim, the team has already gained a very favourable international reputation.

One of the many factors that have contributed to the widespread appeal of this surgical team seems certain to be its successful implementation of state-of-the-art procedures based upon the latest advances in orthopaedic research. Among these is the use of arthroscopy, both for investigative purposes and, wherever feasible, as a markedly less invasive approach to remedial joint surgery.

Concerned more about patient comfort than simplifying their task, the Pretoria Hip, Knee & Surgeons have taken keyhole surgery to a whole new level. If your condition can be rectified by means of a partial prosthesis or easily repaired, the use of an arthroscopic procedure means that not only will your joint be subject to much less physical trauma, but this in turn will ensure that your post-operative recovery period will be significantly reduced.

Over and above his extensive involvement in various arthroscopic procedures, arthroplasty, and general orthopaedic duties, there is far more to the activities of senior surgeon Dr Jan De Vos than his duties as a hip and knee specialist. An acknowledged leader in arthroscopic surgery, he was elected President of the Arthroplasty Society for 2017, and is widely recognised for his past and ongoing contributions to research in his chosen field. In addition, he is the joint author of the South African guidelines for hip and knee surgery. As well as being the founder of the South African National Joint Registry, he was also involved in establishing the local equivalent of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy, ISHA, of which he is a member.

Given the combination of the skills honed over many years and world-class surgical facilities, there is probably not a great deal more that needs to be said about the hip and knee specialists in Pretoria in order to reassure even the most anxious prospective patient. Although the exceptional success record of the Life Wilgers Hospital’s orthopaedic unit can speak for itself, it is also amply evidenced by the frequency of referrals from both local and overseas sources, as well as in the form of the numerous grateful testimonials from patients who have gained a new lease of life thanks to the efforts of the unit’s talented team.

The procedures now adopted have evolved vastly since the earliest attempts at repairing damaged or diseased joints some three hundred years ago. This is equally true of the techniques and materials employed in arthroplasty following the first attempt at transplanting an artificial hip joint made of ivory in 1891.